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CLEAN SLATE: Your 4 week Body Reset Bootcamp

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Reset your health, cleanse your body and feel your best with plant-based nutrition

Feel lighter

Balance your hormones & boost energy with a plant-based diet

Get leaner

Eat foods which are nutrient but not calorie dense

Create confidence

Build sustainable habits for life

Makeover your mind and body with a plan that encourages eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods as part of a primarily plant-based diet, with delicious and healthy recipes that make it easy to do just that.

Get inspired by nourishing meals

Meal plans & recipes for 7 day detox

Guidelines to restock your fridge & pantry

Nutrient boosting & detoxifying cheat sheets

"Led by our resident dietitian and based on nutrition science, we'll hold your hand through a 7-day cleanse and detox to give you results that build confidence and help you stay focused for the year ahead."

Nerida Firman

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